Astrophotography by Kent Biggs







  Hydra Spiral Galaxy, M83



M83, also called NGC 5236, classified somewhere between a spiral and spiral barred galaxy, definitely has a barred structure with a strong bended "S" pattern.  It is a member of the Centaurus galaxy group whose most famous member is Centaurus A (NGC 5128).  The red regions are diffuse gaseous areas, and blue regions contain hot young stars, with yellow stars like our own sun inhabiting the central area and central arms.  The stats for M83 are RA: 13h 37m 00.3s, Dec: -29 52' 04", Mag: 8.2 (B), Size: 12.8'x11.4', and Class: SAB(s)c.



Celestron C11 F/6 (1700mm Focal Length)
SBIG ST10XME with Adaptive Optics
LRGB = 120:60:40:70 minutes


April 1-2, 2005
Columbus, Texas
Kent E. Biggs