NGC 7217
Spiral Galaxy NGC 1954
NGC 1954 (center) is a spiral galaxy undergoing changes due to interacting with surrounding galaxies including NGC 1957 (just to the upper right).   If you look closely you can see the bridging material between the two galaxies as stars scattered and disruped in their orbits.  I suspecte lower left and orangish galaxy IC 2132 is a more distance galaxy not associated with this group but I could be wrong.   Closer inspection reveals several more galaxies associated with this group.
Optics: RC Optical System 20" F/8.2 (4165.6 mm Focal Length) Date: January 2014
Camera: SBIG STXL-11002 with Adaptive Optics Location: Columbus, Texas
Exposure: LRGB = 380:50:50:50 minutes Imager: Kent E. Biggs