NGC 3327 and 3326
NGC 3227 & 3226
Spiral galaxy NGC 3227 (upper right) is interacting with elliptical galaxy NGC 3226 (lower left). They have likely passed through and around each other several times. The nucleus of NGC 3227 is an X-ray source, likely due to two or more super massive black holes. Areas of blue and red show active star formation; note that these areas, follow tidal forces through the larger galaxy. there is also evidence of blue and red regions above / in front of the galaxy. Could these be areas of star formation expelled from the parent galaxy? Below is the same image with color data absent, but over processed to show the interaction of the galaxies more clearly. The stats for NGC 3227 are NGC 3227 RA: 10h 23m 30.6s, Dec: +19° 51' 55", Mag: 10.3 (V), Size: 5.2'x4.0', and Class: SAB(s)a pec.
Optics: RC Optical System 20" F/8.2 (4165.6 mm Focal Length) Date: March-April 2009
Camera: SBIG ST10XME with Adaptive Optics Location: Columbus, Texas
Exposure: LRGB = 300:70:80:120 minutes Imager: Kent E. Biggs
NGC 3227 & 3226