NGC 6027A-E Galaxy Group
A very interesting cluster of galaxies all interacting with each other. There are at least 6 galaxies perhaps merging together into one super galaxy. The entire cluster is often designated as NGC 6027, although the brightest galaxy with the bright white center is actually NGC 6027. The others are designated NGC 6027A, NGC 6027B, etc. Stars in the image are of course foreground stars in our own galaxy. NGC 6027 is also a lenticular galaxy which is a type of galaxy between an elliptical galaxy and a spiral galaxy in galaxy morphological. Dust in most lenticular galaxies is generally near the nucleus and not in spiral arms. Because of their ill-defined spiral arms, if they are inclined face-on it is often difficult to distinguish between them and elliptical galaxies. Note there is another small galaxy at the top of the image. The group is known as Seyfert's Sextet as they were discovered by Carl Keenan Seyfert identified on glass photographic plates in 1951. A more detailed hubble image may be found at Hubble_Seyferts_Sextet. Stats for NGC 6027 are as follows: coordinates RA: 15h 59m 12.5s Dec: +20° 45' 48", magnitude: 15.3, size: 0.5'x0.3', galaxy class: S0 pec.
Optics: RC Optical System 20" F/8.2 (4165.6 mm Focal Length) Date: June 2009
Camera: SBIG ST10XME with Adaptive Optics Location: Columbus, Texas
Exposure: LRGB = 260:60:60:60 minutes Imager: Kent E. Biggs