NGC 6946 ~ Spiral Arms Revealed Video!
Optics:   Ritchey–Chrétien 20" F/8.2 (4166mm FL) Processing:   PixInsight, Photoshop
Camera:   SBIG STXL-11000 with Adaptive Optics Date:   September 2019
11 Megapixel (4008 x 2672 16-bit sensor) Location:   Columbus, Texas
Exposure:   LRGB = 590:100:80:100 minutes Imager:   Kent E. Biggs
This looping video of NGC 6946, also called the Fireworks Galaxy, shows how by simply removing the forground stars in an image, the faint details of a galaxy can sometimes be much further enchanced. Click on the video above to enter full screen mode with video pause / play controls. The image below shows both the image with stars and without by simply hovering the mouse over the image.

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NGC 6946