NGC 891
NGC 891 - Edge On Galaxy
NGC 891, is a typical spiral galaxy, but is so famous due to its exact edge-on orientation toward our own galaxy. Images of our own Milky Way galaxy, taken with normal camera lenses look very similar to this galaxy, and that is becuase we are in one of the dust lanes of our galaxy looking out. So if you really want to know what NGC 891 looks like very close up, merely go into the country to a darks sight and observe the milky way. Astronomy is a photon limited science and even if we were very close to the brightest objects in our sky, most would still look extremely faint and obscure. The stats for NGC 891 are RA: 02h 22m 33.4s, Dec: +42° 21' 03", Mag: 10.8, Size: 14.3'x2.4', Class: SA(s)b? sp. 
Optics: RC Optical System 20" F/8.2 (4165.6 mm Focal Length) Date: October 1-2, 2008
Camera: SBIG ST10XME with Adaptive Optics Location: Columbus, Texas
Exposure: LRGB = 180:50:40:60 minutes Imager: Kent E. Biggs