Astrophotography by Kent Biggs







  Iris Nebula - NGC 7023



Resembling the flower of the same name, the beautiful Iris Nebula is an example of a reflection nebula.  Also designated NGC 7023, this nebula contains blue areas that are gas and dust reflecting the starlight of a young hot blue star located center of the image.  There is some reddish areas the are actually re-emitting the stars ultraviolet light into red wavelengths.  Also visible in the image is open cluster CR247 just below and to the right of the central star in the triangular area somewhat void of nebulosity.



Celestron C11 F/6 (1700mm Focal Length)
SBIG ST10XME with Adaptive Optics
LRGB = 170:100:50:130 minutes


Sept. 19-25, 2006
Columbus, Texas
Kent E. Biggs