Solar Eclipse 2023 ~ Timelapse 20fps Video!
Optics:   Takahashi FS 102mm F/8 (820mm FL) Processing:   PixInsight, Photoshop
Camera:   Canon EOS 30D Date:   October 14, 2023
8.2 Megapixel (3504 x 2336 12-bit sensor) Location:   Columbus, Texas
Exposure:   200 images at 1/250 sec Imager:   Kent E. Biggs
This video of the 2023 annular solar eclipse was taken from EaDo (East Downtown) Houston, TX. For more images and details on the eclipse click here. The above video is a timelapse sequence at 5 frames per second of 200 images, each with a 1/250th second exposure. They were taken 1 minute apart and then in post-processing, each separately deblurred, noise corrected, sharpened, color corrected, and contrast enhanced. Note that the video pauses briefly at the eclipse maximum when nearly 90% of the sun was covered by the moon here in Houston! This was accomplished merely by adding 15 extra frames of the same image.

The video brings out several interesting details. First, notice the sharpness of the sunspots at the beginning of the video and how these sunspots are more blurred at the video end when atmospheric conditions were more turbulent. Second, notice how the sunspot moves during the 3-hour eclipse showing that the sun does indeed rotated. Third, it is now visible in the video that while the crescent of fire does seem to rotate, it is actually the moon moving in a visually straight line across the sun that causes the apparent crescent rotation. Forth, note the rough edges of the moon showing mountains and craters compared to the mor smooth edges of the sun. Finally, the eclipse lasted for over 3 hours, however due to the timelapse video, this experience has been speeded up from 1 frame every minute to 5 frames per second, or 300 times faster than real time. Note the latest video above was AI interpolated to from 5 to 20 frames per second for smoother effect. The original 5fps video is at the very bottom of this page!

Finally, In the 4 frames per second sequence below, you can clearly see the crescents of fire as the moon moves into and out of maximum annular eclipse making the sun’s crescent appear to rotate. Both Moon and Sun actually rotate significantly during this time but the motion of the moon creates an illusion of the sun’s rotation.

Solar Eclipse 2023 ~ Rotating Cresent of Fire!
Solar Eclipse 2023 ~ Rotating Cresent of Fire!
Original 5fps Video (1 exposure per minute)